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Your Wedding Photography Checklist: What to Ask Your Photographer

Updated: Jan 11

You've booked your dream wedding venue, the catering, and the flowers. However, you realize you have yet to purchase a wedding photography package.

Before you waste any time, you need to look for a photographer. Read on to learn what questions to ask to help hire the ideal wedding photographer for you.

Are You Available for the Date?

You could find the perfect wedding photographer, but that won't matter if they can't shoot the day of your wedding. Before you ask anything else, make sure the photographer is available on your wedding date.

If you haven't scheduled a date, you can be flexible and consider the photographer's schedule when choosing the date. However, if you have a date in mind, you'll want to ensure the photographer can work then.

Some photographers book a year in advance or even farther out, so it never hurts to confirm their availability.

How Many Weddings Do You Shoot per Year?

Another thing to ask when booking a wedding photography package is how much the photographer works in a year. Some photographers work full-time and shoot around 20 weddings in a year.

However, others may work part-time due to caring for their children or because they want more time off. In either case, knowing how much a photographer works can give you some insight.

A part-time photographer may take longer to send you the photos due to their work schedule. They may also book up more quickly than a photographer who shoots more weddings in a year.

Can I View Your Portfolio?

You want to make sure you'll like how your wedding photos look. Because of that, you should ask a prospective photographer for examples of their work.

Ask if they can send you their portfolio or at least some sample shots. Then, you can get an idea of their style and decide if you like their work or not.

Can You Provide References?

It also helps to read reviews or even speak directly with former clients before you hire a wedding photographer. You can ask former clients about their experience working with the photographer.

Some people like for the photographer to be more hands-on and tell them how to stand. Other people may not want as much direction, so you need to choose a photographer who will be a good fit for you.

Have You Worked at Our Venue?

After you settle on a venue, you should ask your photographer if they've done wedding shots there before. If so, they'll know about the best places to set up for pictures.

They'll also know if they need to bring specific lighting equipment. When the photographer has experience somewhere, they'll even know where to park and how to get inside, which can make your day easier.

You can still work with someone who hasn't shot at your venue. However, you'll want to ask if they can visit the venue ahead of time to scope things out.

What Comes in Your Wedding Photography Package?

Another excellent question to ask is about the wedding photography package. You should learn how many hours the photographer will be on-site on your wedding day.

Consider how many photos you can expect to receive after the editing process. Ask if the package includes an engagement photo shoot or if the photographer will bring a second shooter on your wedding day.

Can I Provide a Shot List?

Many great wedding photographers know what shots you'll probably want. However, consider if you have any extended family members or friends that you'll want to take pictures with.

For example, you may want to take photos with grandparents or with friends who aren't part of your wedding party. Ask the photographer if you can provide a list of those shots.

Then, you can make sure to capture as many memories as possible.

How Will You Send the Photos?

After your wedding is over, you'll want to get an idea of when and how you can expect to receive the photos. Consider if the photographer will send you an email when your photos are ready.

Many photographers will use an online album so that they don't have to email hundreds of photos. You can also ask what file formats to expect, such as JPEG or PNG files.

Can We Post the Photos Online?

In the age of social media, you'll probably want to share your wedding portraits with your loved ones. Many photographers will allow you to share your images online.

However, it doesn't hurt to confirm this is the case. You should also ask if the photographer may want you to give them credit, and if so, how you need to credit them.

When Do We Need to Pay?

As you plan your budget for the wedding, consider how much your wedding photography package will cost. You should also think about when you'll need to put down a deposit and when to pay the remaining balance.

Keep this in mind when paying for or booking other vendors for your wedding. That way, you'll be able to have enough money on hand to pay everyone.

You can also ask how the photographer wants you to pay them, such as with a check or online.

What Information Do You Need From Us?

Another essential question to ask a wedding photographer is what information they need from you. You should provide a few basic details:

  • Time and place of the ceremony

  • Time and place of the reception

  • When and where you'll get ready

  • When speeches will happen

  • Timing of the first dance

Your photographer may also ask when you want to do a first look or group photos. Knowing what information your photographer needs can help both parties prepare for your big day.

Book a Wedding Photographer Today

Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of your day. You'll want to hire the right person to capture your ceremony, reception, and other parts of the event.

Knowing what questions to ask can help you hire the right person for the job. Then, you can relax and enjoy the day when you get to marry the love of your life.

Are you ready to choose a wedding photographer? Learn more about my services.

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