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How to Choose a Photoshoot Location

Updated: Jan 12

Did you know that 94% of engaged couples think that wedding photography is a top priority in their wedding budget?

Obviously, the pictures from your wedding day are going to be cherished memories that you look back on for years to come. However, many couples neglect to plan their engagement pictures with the same consideration.

Engagement pictures are a great way to announce your engagement and can be used on your save-the-dates. Additionally, they're a way to capture you and your future spouse in your more everyday appearance.

But how do you choose a photoshoot location that will ensure beautiful pictures?

Read on to find out!

1. What Style Are You Going For?

When planning your engagement photos, think about the story that you want your photos to tell. Each couple has its own personality and style. Just like your relationship is unique, your photos should be unique too.

Are you a glamorous couple that wants formal photos? In that case, you'll want to choose a more upscale location like a hotel.

If you and your significant other are more casual and want your pictures to mirror your everyday life, you may want to choose a location like your own home.

A nature-loving couple may want their pictures done on a hike or using nature backgrounds for photos.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to photoshoot locations or types of photo backgrounds.

Thinking about the vibe that you want your photos to give off is the number one thing you should consider when working with a wedding photographer to pick a location.

Picking a location that doesn't match the style you're going for is a surefire way to ensure that you don't fall in love with your engagement pictures.

2. What Is the Location's Lighting Situation?

Your photographer will likely be able to give you great insight into the types of photoshoot lighting that are ideal for your shoot.

This is related to the style of your shoot. If you want a lighter, airier shoot, look for a place with tons of natural light. If you want something moody and dark, you will want a location with more shade.

Additionally, you don't want your photos to be backlit or overcast.

If you choose to shoot in a studio using a green screen for photos, you won't have to worry about lighting at all.

Another aspect to consider when choosing photoshoot locations is the angles your photographer will be able to get. If you're more creative, look for a location with varying levels and elevations!

3. Is Your Location Safe and Convenient to Get to?

Many adventurous couples want to have photoshoots in extreme locations. After all, these locations are where you can get some of the most amazing views and photos.

However, it's worth keeping in mind that convenience is a luxury when it comes to photoshoots.

For example, hiking to the top of a mountain for a sunrise backdrop would be amazing. But, if you and your significant other (and your photographer) aren't experienced hikers, this might not be the best choice to make.

Depending on how much equipment your photographer may need to carry with them, or how many outfit changes you want to bring, this endeavor

Not only would that photoshoot location potentially be dangerous to get to, but it also may not be an enjoyable experience. Your engagement photoshoot should be fun and memorable. So, if getting to your desired photoshoot location is extremely difficult, it may not be the best option.

4. How Public Is Your Location?

Some couples are more private than others, and if you or your future spouse are a bit camera shy, shooting in a public place may give you a bit of anxiety.

Not only can shooting in public be a bit awkward at times, but it may also make the job more difficult for your photographer. They'll have to plan carefully to avoid or edit out any people in the background of your pictures.

Plus, taking pictures in public may be a safety hazard.

If you're taking pictures in a crowded place, you may be creating a traffic jam. If you're taking pictures in or in front of a privately owned business, you should always make sure you have permission first.

Not every museum, hotel, or restaurant will be okay with their other patrons being disturbed while you have your photoshoot.

Some places, such as museums, may even have a no-photos policy.

If you have a public location that you love and you want to have a photoshoot there, consider going at a time when it's likely to not be as crowded!

5. Does Your Location Offer Variety?

Many photographers charge by the hour, therefore, it's in your best interest to have as efficient of a photoshoot as possible. This is where driving to multiple different locations can be difficult, as it would take up a lot of time.

When scouting out potential photoshoot locations, look for one that offers variety in terms of backgrounds.

This can make it appear as if you went to multiple locations when in reality, you didn't. Additionally, you'll have more options in terms of the pictures that you get back from the shoot!

An example of a location with variety could be choosing to shoot in a beautiful forest. You might be able to get some shots by some trees, others in a field of flowers, some near a stream, etc.

This is something to consider when booking your wedding venue as well! Does it have multiple photographable locations for your bridal portraits?

Choose Your Photoshoot Location Wisely

Your photoshoot location will have a large impact on your bridal and engagement photos. Therefore, choose something that is personal to you and your significant other!

When in doubt, lean on your wedding photographer for recommendations. They likely have photographed in your area before and will have favorite spots to shoot in that they know will be beautiful!

If you're ready to book a wedding photographer in California, fill out a contact form! We'll work with you to create the photospread of your dreams!

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